Fairland Farms, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

"Well researched, well written and all inclusive, 'Rubies' is a little jewel that brings glory to our native berry." Rosemary Gladstar, author, herbal educator, and founder of United Plant Savers

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Rubies in the Sand is a compilation of over 200 recipes dedicated to this beautiful jewel of the sandy bogs. From a wide variety of cranberry sauces to an out of the ordinary recipe like Cranberry Lavender Torte. Rubies in the Sand redefines the cranberry and showcases its versatility.

  • Picture of dried cranberries Purchase Sweetened Dried Cranberries Dried cranberries appeal to today's health, nutrition and quality conscious consumer. They are and contain no preservatives or sulfites. Baked goods get a nutritional boost with dried cranberries. Great in holiday recipes, or add fruit flavor to granola and trail mix. Wonderful as an anytime snack. MORE»
  • Picture of harvesting cranberries in a bog. Harvesting Cranberries In the wild cranberry plants grow in damp bogs and swampy areas. It is a self pollinating ground cover that grows two different ways. Runners can cause the plant to spread out as much as two feet per growing season. Upright canes grow up from the runners and produce the flowers and fruit. Cranberries are established vegetatively from stem cuttings. In the spring, established cranberry vines are mown and collected into... MORE»
  • Picture of dried cranberries Medicinal Benefits of the Cranberry Cranberries have been used for centuries for a multitude of medicinal reasons. Some of these uses need to be credited to the Native Americans as they first introduced the European settlers to the cranberries in the form of food but also taught them the many other ways the Natives used the cranberries. The Native Americans valued cranberries as an aid to treat fevers and they were used to treat blood... MORE»